ProSiebenSat.1 Licensing

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channel brands

Our complementary channel brands offer the right environment for every target group. And they are excellent for cooperations.


SAT.1 provides exciting entertainment for the core target group of adults between the ages of 14 and 59 years


ProSieben is the most popular TV brand in Germany and inspires the generation of Digital Natives with Next Level Entertainment. Core target group A 14-39 years

kabel eins

kabel eins is television by fans for fans – the way it should be. Core target group A 14-49 years


Sixx is more than just a channel. Sixx is a way of life. As a pioneer in high heels, sixx knows what women want. Core target group F 14-39 years

SAT.1 Gold

SAT.1 Gold inspires strong women who feel younger than they are. Our viewers are worth a mint to us, which you can tell. Core target group F 40-64 years


ProSiebenMAXX goes its own way and offers the demanding male target group first-class television. Core target group M 14-39 years

kabel eins DOKU

kabeleins Doku – The new documentary channel in German free TV. Core target group M 40-64 years